Porsche has partnered with Pixar Animation Studios to create a one-of-a-kind, real life example of Sally Carrera, one of the main characters from the movie Cars.

In the film, Sally Carrera is based on a 2002 Porsche 911 and, with the 20 year anniversary of said car, Porsche plans to celebrate with a one-off Porsche. It will be sold at auction in an effort to provide long-term support for children via Girls Inc. and, in light of recent global events, USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

This one-of-a-kind vehicle will be completely street legal, based on the Porsche 911. It will draw direct inspiration from the character and utilize many bespoke parts; in preliminary design sketches (more akin to doodles than blueprints), the vehicle calls for special wheels, badging and a “Sally Blue” lacquer. In a rear sketch, “Tattoo on wing!” can be seen, leading us to suspect a custom livery will be put under the wing to emulate Sally’s on-screen appearance. The interior is dominated by white materials, with blue accents across the seats, dash and center console. 

A small team from Pixar Animation Studios (led by Cars Production Designer Bob Pauley and Creative Director Jay Ward) is leading the charge, along with Style Porsche and Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in Germany. This was originally a “what if?” project, and has since turned into a very real opportunity for the brands to unite.

“We wanted to help, somehow, and as a team we realized we could perhaps harness what we were working on to raise money,” said Ward. “The whole project began with the premise that Sally’s character was devoted to helping others and it seems right that this should continue 20 years on.”

Sally serves as the lawyer for the film’s primary locale, Radiator Springs, having left her fast-paced California lifestyle to start anew in the small town. One of her goals is to put Radiator Springs back on the map, an artifact of her empathetic nature. In the film, she goes out of her way to help others and make a difference, hence Porsche’s and Pixar’s charitable creation.

Progress on the car was revealed by Ward and Pauley at the 2022 South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. More details on the car, including when and where it will be auctioned, will be confirmed later in the year.