Porsche has scheduled their upcoming 718 all-electric sports car for a 2025 launch.

The electric 718 will serve as the automaker’s third all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle, joining the ranks of the currently-offered Taycan sedan and next year’s electric Macan SUV. Available as either a Boxster or Cayman, the two 718 offerings will be built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) being jointly-developed by Porsche and Audi; the latter of which will use the PPE for their Q6 E-Tron electric crossover.

While not a direct descendant, the 718 EV is expected to share some DNA with the previously-previewed Mission R concept car, which instead utilized the Cayman’s chassis. Although it was a track-only concept and the 2025 production model likely won’t pack the same 1,000 peak horsepower the Mission R boasted, it serves as an interesting look into what may be.

Electric vehicles, for example, are typically heavier than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. The Mission R, however, weighed in at 3,306 pounds-- just 187 pounds heavier than the Cayman GT4 RS. Again, production models will likely weigh more due to street-legal necessities typically forgotten in track-oriented endeavors, and the PPE’s weight is yet to be disclosed, but it goes to show what an electric 718 may be capable of. Furthermore, the all-wheel drive vehicle maxed out at 186 mph-- so, it’s certainly fast, and we expect the electric 718 to provide the lean performance punch Porsches have swung for decades.

Porsche has previously announced plans to eventually discontinue the 718’s gasoline-powered line; however, this 2025 launch date does not spell the immediate end of said internal-combustion offerings. Their send-off is yet to be confirmed.

The 718 EV’s launch was announced at the company’s annual conference where, in related news, the upcoming 911 hybrid was reconfirmed to be a non-plug-in-hybrid model. These announcements and upcoming launches are in line with Porsche’s electrified plans: 50 percent of annual sales to be represented by hybrids and pure electrics by 2025, 80 percent to be EVs by 2030.

Speaking of the aforementioned Taycan, we recently spent some time with the Taycan GTS, including some laps clocked by our Digital Producer, Jessica Ray. And we’ll have more news on the upcoming electric Macan soon on MotorWeek!