Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar has announced the world premiere of the Polestar 3, the brand’s first SUV.

The Polestar 3’s launch will signify the automaker’s entrance into one of the auto industry’s highest margin and growth segments; the utility segment is especially extensive in the United States.

With this announcement comes the first undisguised image of the car. Despite just being a side profile look, the Polestar lineage is somewhat apparent. When compared to the Polestar 2, similar shapes can be seen on the rocker panels and wheel claddings; the wheels themselves rock a similar spoke-age. The Polestar 2 isn’t quite an SUV; more a sedan, hatchback, utility amalgamation, but we expect to see some familiar design language in the 3. As of now, this new model will be manufactured in both the United States and China.

The Polestar 3 will be available for order when it makes its initial premiere, with production slated for early 2023.