Polestar is one step closer to building electric high-performance cars.  The company has started building a plant in Chengdu, China.  That’s where they’ll produce their first model, the Polestar 1.  They say it will be a Grand Touring Coupé with a 600-hp Electric Performance Hybrid powertrain.  In October, Volvo announced forming Polestar as their performance road car brand.  It’s a separate brand, but will share technology and engineering with Volvo.  Polestar says the plant should be complete by mid-2018.

We’ll soon learn more about GM’s plans for hands-free driving.  The company has scheduled what they call an “investor event” for Thursday, November 30, 2017.  GM says they will share their “vision for an autonomous future”.  We’ll keep you posted.

MotorWeek is heading off to the Los Angeles Auto Show later this week.  One of the vehicles we’ll be watching for is the Aria FXE Reveal.  The company tweeted this teaser photo.  We’ll let you know more about this, and the rest of the debuts from L.A.