Volvo know how in a performance package.  That’s the Polestar 1.  Their first coupe has been unveiled with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.  The 4-cylinder gasoline engine drives the front wheels and two electric motors drive the rear wheels.  An Integrated Starter Generator adds more horsepower… bringing the total up to 600 hp. Electric range is 93 miles.  Production begins in China the middle of 2019.

Want to drive a smarter car?  So does Toyota.  Their "TOYOTA Concept-i" series now includes two new additions.  The company showed a four-wheel model at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show in January.  Now they’re adding a smaller vehicle, the Concept-i RIDE, with two seats for city driving.  There’s also a scooter type called Concept-i WALK.  It’s designed for sidewalks and other walking areas. The common theme is AI technology to recognize emotions and estimate driver preferences.  We expect to see them at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 later this month.

Mitsubishi Electric is moving fast forward with the EMIRAI 4 Smart Mobility Concept Car.  They say their next-generation driving-assistance technology is expected to improve safety on the road.  One of the features is called Driver Sensing.  A camera inside the car watches the head and posture of both the driver and front passenger.  It can switch from manual to automated driving.  It’s another new idea we’ll be watching for at the exhibitions in Tokyo.