Pioneer Power Solutions announced their new “E-Boost” portfolio, which looks to tackle the increasing demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment.

The company, a leader in the design and fabrication of said equipment, anticipates the growing need for a comprehensive infrastructure. As more EV’s fill the road and even more consumers consider them as their next vehicle purchase, the availability of charging solutions becomes increasingly necessary.

“We are anticipating the rapidly growing demand for high-capacity mobile charging that will be required to support the wide range of EV and mobile power use cases with E-Boost products,” said Nathan Mazurek, Pioneer Power’s chairman and CEO.

Their new “E-Boost” portfolio is made up of three products upon launch:

E-Boost GOAT: The GOAT or “Generator on a Truck” is a mobile device capable of charging EVs when needed. While not a permanent solution, it certainly provides a level of reassurance currently in short supply. We suspect that the implementation of GOATs as a tool for roadside assistance providers will give drivers a bit more peace of mind.

E-Boost Mobile: This is similar to the GOAT in that it is a mobile charging solution; however, unlike the Generator on a Truck, the Mobile is a towed device which can be relocated as needed. A device like this could be brought out when a sudden event, such as a large gathering or cultural event, attracts more people to a specific area or business, thus temporarily increasing the demand for EV chargers in that area.

E-Boost Pod: Whereas the previous solutions can be moved with relative ease, the Pod is a mostly-stationary solution (though it can be moved if necessary). The advantage to the Pod is it can charge two vehicles at the same time, supporting high-speed DC Fast Charging. It can also be used as a backup source in the case of an outage, providing power for local devices.

While “range anxiety” is still an issue for consumers to tackle, companies like Pioneer Power Solutions are helping to ease the transition from gasoline to batteries.