When Nissan first released the new Z sports coupe, it was no surprise that a NISMO performance variant would soon be on its way; and now, we finally get a taste of what the NISMO engineers have been cooking.

The results: Burnt, but the good kind.

To be more specific, the official teaser put out by Nissan shows three-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg burning rubber as he puts the Z NISMO through some drifting action. This short 45 second teaser also gives us a glimpse of what the NISMO edition will come with.

We can spot a number of standout features. On the outside, the NISMO is built with some unique body work, accented by the trademark red garnishing along the bottom-most pieces. The red carries over onto the matching brake calipers, hidden behind black wheels. Exclusive NISMO badges, of course, are part of the deal as well.

Inside, the standout feature is the pair of red-accented sport seats, “NISMO” embossed on the headrests. The digital gauge cluster also shows a unique startup sequence, reminding drivers that they are indeed behind the wheel of a NISMO edition Z.

Exact details regarding performance and powertrain are yet to be disclosed, as is the official starting price. We expect to learn more this summer.