As promised Nissan has unveiled what they hope will be a new and best selling chapter in their electric car saga, the Ariya crossover. Nissan's first EV utility, the Ariya has a range of about 300 miles, in long range two-wheel drive trim. Both two-wheel and four-wheel drive models can be fitted with either 63 kWh or 87 kWh battery packs. Two electric motors are used in Nissan's advanced "e-4ORCE" all-wheel drive control system. Based on the Ariya Concept that was first shown at the 2019 Toyota Motor Show, the production model breaks new styling ground for Nissan with a bolder, yet more sophisticated look than almost anything currently in their lineup, with the lone exception being the almost radical Maxima sedan.  Along with the huge but laid back front facia, and very fast roof, another notable exterior element is the use of thin LED headlight clusters that break along an upper beltline crease that surrounds the entire vehicle. The interior also follows the concept with a wide, dash-top  touch screen, but with enough redundant physical controls to satisfy most traditional drivers. Sales of the Ariya are expected to begin first in Japan next year, and later in the U.S.