With the Goodwood Festival of Speed in full swing, it’s not surprising that much of the news surrounds cars that would be right at home on this historic estate’s circuit. While the production version of Toyota’s all-new Supra is one headliner, rival Nissan is not to be outdone. Nissan also used Goodwood to introduce the world to a one-off concept of the new GT-R developed with famed Italdesign. Known as the GT-R50, it is an expression of what the next generation GT-R might be. Might, is the operative word, as Nissan goes on to say it is not the real car, at least not yet.

But, while this “spawn of Godzilla” may never be more than a concept, the inclusion of the number “50” has fueled rumors that there just might be that many copies, if Nissan thinks they can get the cool million-plus asking price.