If you are a Porsche fan, you probably are having a hard time not being behind the wheel of your favorite car. To help ease that pain, Porsche is expanding its "Next Visions" theme platform with a new podcast of the same name. On it speakers will hold open discussions on topics related to the future of all of us. The first season consists of five episodes, which will be available on all common podcast platforms. In each episode, two thought leaders will discuss the social, economic and ethical questions of our time.Ebru Koksal, former managing director of the Turkish football club Galatasaray Istanbul, and Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the London Business School, will start off by talking about radical career decisions and the importance of leadership. They provide answers as to what authentic leadership looks like in a technology-driven age and how to define a successful career. While the podcasts may not be a true substitute for driving a Porsche, at least it will help get our minds thinking of better times on the Porsche road ahead.