Ford has teamed up with Telenav to offer a navigation system that continues giving directions in remote areas beyond cellular network coverage.  The available hybrid navigation solution, which stores maps and continues routing if adventures take drivers out of cell coverage, is part of the SYNC 4 technology available in the newly redesigned Ford F-150 and Bronco.

Additionally, the navigation includes specialized routing options for customers who are towing a trailer or off-roading, both important capabilities for these vehicles. The system guides users to routes best suited for the dimensions of their trailer to help avoid sharp turns, narrow bridges and low overpasses. Off-road enthusiasts can navigate to and on many 4X4 trails across North America, with additional trail maps to be added over time. The system uses real-time traffic conditions to provide the fastest routes with alerts of incidences like accidents and congestions along the route. To help minimize distractions while driving, customers can use SYNC 4’s digital voice assistance for many of these features.   “Ford and Telenav are building on a long-term collaboration to help customers get the most out of their vehicles, whether it’s advising F-150 customers to steer around traffic jams to help save time getting to jobs or keeping Bronco off-roaders on track on their exciting adventures,” said H.P. Jin, Telenav Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re proud to be a partner in that with our connected navigation solution and services.”