While there’s been a lot of talk lately about flying cars, Elon Musk has a different idea.  He thinks a network of tunnels would help make your city commute faster.  Musk’s The Boring Company is proposing putting your car on an electric sled, that carries it through a tunnel at speeds up to 125 miles an hour.  They’ve put together a video to show what they have in mind.

You could be hailing a self-driving taxi sooner than you think.  Automotive News is reporting Delphi Automotive is close to announcing a self-driving taxi service in a U.S. city.  They quote Delphi's Chief Technology Officer, Glen De Vos, as saying “We are going through the final application process, and we expect approval in the next four weeks or so.  In the U.S., we'd like to kick off the service in September.”  Apparently riders in Boston or Pittsburgh would be the first in the U.S. to try it out.

The wait is finally over.  The 2017 Civic Si Coupe and Sedan are on sale now, starting at $24,775.