Our popular MotorWeek Retro Review marathons returns for another run this week on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/motorweek. So far, we have completed marathons for the first eight seasons of MotorWeek, and now its time for the first part of season nine. We want to make sure our fans who are stuck indoors, or have an unusually high amount of time on your hands, stay motor-vated!

Here is our upcoming MotorWeek Retro Review schedule on our YouTube Channel.

Season Nine-second half 1989-90 airs Thursday May 28th beginning at 9AM EST, and again at the same time on Sunday May 31st.

We typically premiere  Retro Reviews on Thursdays for "Throwback Thursday" so that's why we've decided to air the new marathons, but remember, just in case you miss one, there will be a repeat showing on the following Sunday. In addition, MotorWeek continues to upload new content to our YouTube channel as well. Even though the coronavirus crisis has prompted us to stop producing new episodes for the first time in 39 years, there is just no stopping our staff from keeping automotive motion in motion. So, we invite you to go to www.youtube.com/motorweek for the latest roadtests and features including updated Motor News and First Look segments. While viewers of PBS and the MotorTrend cable networks will now have to wait for these features but they are available now, here.  Also remember that we will be replaying the best of this season’s MotorWeek episodes at our normal times and days on PBS stations and MotorTrend. If you are at a loss as to where to find us on your tv go to our website under Station Listings for time and channel information. Additional new videos and daily automotive news updates can also be found there.

We hope you’ll watch the upcoming Retro Marathons and let us know if you want to see more of MotorWeek on YouTube! As for when we will return with new episodes of the show? Just watch this space!. Stay safe!