Just when you thought traffic was bad enough!  Thanks to autonomous vehicles, things might just get a whole lot worse.  A recent report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration looked at the future of autonomous driving.  And since self-driving cars will allow many more people to become mobile, we can expect an increase of cars on the road by as much 25% over the next 25 years.  If self-driving cars are able to navigate drive-throughs we might really have some problems.    

Toyota continues to increase their investment in America.  Last week, the Japanese company announced a $1.33 billion expansion of their Georgetown, Kentucky plant.  Toyota says it will be the first plant in North America to begin producing vehicles using Toyota New Global Architecture, helping reduce the time it takes to develop new vehicles.  Currently, the plant employs 8,200 people.

Good news if you’re still saving up for a new Shelby GT350 or a Shelby GT350R Mustang.  Ford says they’ll continue as 2018 models.  Not only that, but there will be three new exterior color choices for you.  Fortunately, that’s all that has changed, as the 526-horsepower 5.2-liter V8 engine remains.  2018s will hit dealerships in the fall.