More car companies are joining the fight against accelerating a decision on emissions standards.  The Association of Global Automakers is asking the EPA to withdraw its Proposed Determination or at least extend the public comment period.  Last week we told you the EPA is proposing to keep greenhouse gas emissions standards in place through 2025, and is considering changes to the standards between 2022 and 2025.  The Association of Global Automakers says they remain committed to a national emissions program, but say “the hasty decision to accelerate the EPA process, taken in the waning days of an Administration, raises serious concerns about the objectivity and factual foundation of their action.” The association’s members include Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Just a few days ago another automotive group, The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, also announced their objection to rushing the process.

Earning a well-known safety award is getting harder.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says 44 vehicles earned their 2017 TOP SAFETY PICK award, while 38 did even better gaining the 2017 TOP SAFETY PICK+ award.  IIHS added new headlight evaluations to the criteria for the “plus” award.  Toyota and Honda had the most models listed as a 2017 TOP SAFETY PICK+.  Here’s the link to the entire list:


You might save a little while trying to get into a used vehicle.  Manheim Consulting says wholesale prices for used vehicles declined 1% in November.  They point out the growing supply of used vehicles and sales in the new vehicle market. Manheim Consulting also says theused vehicle retail market remained strong in November.

For the first time in 58-years, a U.S. spec car has been registered in Cuba.  The car: a 2017 Infiniti Q60  The driver: Alfonso Albaisa, INFINITI executive design director.  Albaisa was in Havana to learn more about where his parents were born.  Watch this video to ride along.