In honor of October being National Fall Car Care Month, FCA’s Mopar brand is out with a list of tips on how to keep your car in peak running condition. Given that many cars are being driven less due to the COVID 19 crisis, the list specifically targets cars driven less frequently than normal. Mopar suggests that when a car sits for a long period of time, owners should still maintain proper fluid levels and start the car once a week, letting it idle with all accessories off for 15-20 minutes. Driving the car once a week for the same length of time is an even better idea. Not only will this make sure all parts and fluids reach normal operating temperature levels, but it also is a great way to prevent tires from flat spotting. As for oil changes, most experts including Mopar recommend that the crankcase oil and filter continue to be changed at recommended service intervals. This is especially important if your car is still under a new car powertrain warranty where failure to follow a manufacturer’s maintenance schedule could void this valuable protection. For a complete list of the Mopar tips, visit their website.