Mercedes has unveiled their all-electric EQS SUV, the third model series to utilize the automaker’s new EV architecture.

The EQS SUV follows the EQS and EQE sedans, offering the same electric drive system in a sport-utility package. Slated for a late 2022 launch, the EQS SUV will be available in two trims: the EQS 450+ and the EQS 580 4MATIC.

The 450+ is a rear-wheel drive model, utilizing an eATS motor on the rear axle only. It is capable of outputting 355 horsepower and 419 lb-ft of torque. The 580 4MATIC benefits from an extra eATS motor upfront, allowing for all-wheel drive and continuously variable distribution of torque between axles. Combined, they put down 536 horsepower and 633 lb-ft of torque. With the proper DC fast charger, a 10-80 percent charge will take approximately 31 minutes. AC charging time with the onboard 9.6kW charger can take up to 11.25 hours on a three-stage AC charging system.

Maximum range was advertised at over 600 kilometers/373 miles-- likely with the rear-wheel 450+ only. A regenerative braking system means some energy can be recovered during commutes, and Mercedes claims the energy recovery mode will do so without overtaxing the grip of the wheels, thus uncompromising driving stability.

Both models share the EQS Sedan’s long wheelbase, coming in at 126.4-inches; however, the SUV will come in approximately 7.8-inches higher than its saloon sibling. In total, the EQS SUV stands 201.8-inches long, 77.1-inches wide and 67.6-inches tall. Naturally, the interior passenger and cargo space benefits from the sport-utility design; trunk capacity is up to 74.2 or 71.3 cubic-feet with the five or seven seater configurations respectively.

Yes, the EQS SUV’s long wheelbase also provides room for an optional third row, consisting of two extra seats. Backrests can be folded and configured for a 40:20:40 ratio whilst retaining electrically adjusted inclination. Speaking of seats, driver’s seats come standard with 4-way lumbar support, heating and ventilation controls, ambient lightning, and a luxury headrest. Front seats can be optioned with multicontour seats packing massage functionality. Second row seats come standard with the luxury headrest, but can be optioned out with premium armrests and seat heating; the third-row can be optioned with seat heating as well.

As expected, the interior on the EQS SUV is nothing short of both luxurious and sophisticated; but, those unaware of Mercedes’ strives in the realm of car-bourne tech may be a little shocked by the main centerpiece: an MBUX Hyperscreen (optional on the 450+ and standard on the 580 4MATIC). The MBUX is a curved screen essentially spanning from A-pillar to A-pillar. Realistically, it’s three screens sitting underneath a shared piece of glass, merging together to appear as one. Infotainment is taken an audible step higher with the inclusion of a Dolby Atmos sound system.

The self-described avant-garde interior design is available in seven coordinated color combinations, said to emphasize the generous sense of space. They incorporate innovative wood trim elements with aluminum inlays (featuring the Mercedes-Benz Pattern) and a free-standing center console which joins up with the instrument panel. The standard interior, while still adorned with luxury seating, utilizes hand-finished covers and leather surfaces marked by intricate seam patterns; NEOTEX material is found specifically on the instrument panel and armrests.

Outside, the new EQS SUV is unsurprisingly designed in an aerodynamically-optimal style. As such, highlights include aero-favorable dimensional wheels and tires, continuous front seals, streamlined A-pillars, wheel spoilers at the front and rear, and distinctive side spoilers with all-round spoiler lips. Thanks to the implementation of sealing and insulation measures, wind and road noises are better mitigated; an Acoustic Comfort Package really takes it a step farther with laminated glass on the side windows and doors. The panoramic roof is outfitted with various wind deflectors, covers and seals were also improved.

Mercedes is really proud of their wheel design, actually, as they discussed the process and findings of their rolling endeavors. The wheels, available as 20 or 21-inchers, were put through the wind tunnel and outfitted with special “aeroblade” claddings to better cut through the air. Likewise, the tire sidewalls and transition to the tread were redesigned for better aero-efficiency and sound deadening.

The all-new Mercedes EQS SUV is another step in the automaker’s zero-emission mission towards sustainable mobility. Steps towards said goal start before the manufacturing process itself, with pushes to decarbonize their supplier network, source materials from certified mining, and utilizing resource-conserving materials. After the fact, Mercedes plans to incorporate greener charging methods, sustainable battery usage, battery recycling, and more.

This is just a primer on the new Mercedes EQS SUV and we’ll have plenty more on it soon on MotorWeek!