It won’t be easy to find a new diesel Mercedes-Benz in the U.S.  Reuters is reporting the company is not seeking approval to sell 2017 diesel models in the U.S.  They quote a spokesperson as saying, “we have put the certification process for diesel passenger cars on hold."  Apparently Mercedes has not decided to completely give up on selling diesels to Americans.

Volkswagen is revealing more about the new Arteon.  They’ve released details about the car’s "Emergency Assist" feature.  Volkswagen says the system will try to wake-up the driver if the sensors notice the accelerator, brake or steering wheel are not being used.  If that doesn’t work, the car will warn others on the road and automatically steer to the nearside lane and stop.

Faraday Future is showing what the FF 91 could look like in the real world.  The company has released a video of their first production vehicle on the road.  The luxury electric vehicle was revealed at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in January.  Faraday Future is planning on starting production next year.