Continuing a tradition of putting innovation into practice, the Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle 2019 showcases the company's latest near-term and forward thinking safety research.  Based on the new Mercedes-Benz GLE, ESF 2019 is capable of autonomous driving and incorporates many safety innovations geared toward occupant safety, communication with other vehicles, reducing hazards at accident scenes or during breakdowns, and advancing active safety functions.  Foot pedals that retract in autonomous mode to reduce the chance of injury in an accident, seatbelts and airbags re-imagined to accomodate the flexible seating positions made possible by autonomous driving, new digital high beam headlights that reduce glare for oncoming drivers, child safety seats that monitor the child's seating position and vitals signs, and even a small robot that deploys as a safety triangle when parked on the roadside are just some of the features built into ESF 2019.  The vehicle will be presented to industry experts at the annual Enhanced Safety of Vehicles conference next month in the Netherlands and will make its public debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.