British exotic car builder McLaren Automotive is expanding its Super Series family with the introduction of its most accomplished convertible supercar ever: the new 720S Spider. Just revealed, the new 720S Spider delivers the exhilaration of open-air driving and levels of day-to-day usability unseen in the convertible supercar class. The design foundations of the new McLaren Spider are the seamless and organic forms introduced in 2017 with the 720S Coupé. Combining to maximize downforce, minimize drag, enhance powertrain cooling and optimize aerodynamic performance, these shapes produce an overall appearance akin to a futuristic sculpture. A new, electrically actuated Retractable Hard Top is seamlessly integrated into the design, as are new buttresses.Like all McLaren cars, the new 720S Spider has a carbon fibre structure at its core, in this case designated Monocage II-S. The strength, rigidity and light weight of the McLaren Monocage is the base for the dynamic excellence for which McLarens are renowned. The Monocage II-S is a development of the Coupé ’s Monocage II, without the central ‘spine’ running front to rear above the cabin. The rearmost section of the upper structure is also unique to the Spider, to accommodate the Retractable Hard Top; additionally, the header rail across the top of the windscreen has been revised, to integrate the central latching mechanism.The new 720S Spider is just 108lbs heavier than the 720S Coupé. With a lightest dry weight of 2,937lbs, the 720S Spider is comfortably the lightest car in its competitive set. It is powered by 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine producing 710 bhp and 568lb ft of torque. Deliveries to customers commence March 2019; US prices start from $315,000.