The Maserati MC20 recently made headlines with the Cielo spyder variant-- something we’d love to get behind the wheel of. That’s still the case, but now the Trident has put out renderings of another MC20 we really want to drive: Project24.

The Project24 is essentially an MC20 enhanced with better parts, reduced weight, and track-compliance accessories. And, as it turns out, it will also be quite illusive, limited to a run of just 62 units.

So, what makes the Project24 so special? For starters, the engine. Its Nettuno V6 is bolstered by new turbochargers, raising power up to 740 horsepower. For reference, the “regular” MC20 and aforementioned Cielo displace 621 horses from their twin-turbo Nettunos. In the Project24, this raw potential is molded into rear-wheel speed through a 6-speed sequential racing gearbox, paddle shifters included.

Alright, so it’s got muscle, but Maserati didn’t stop with a simple bolt-on turbo modification. The Project24’s bodywork will be lightened to a target weight of under 1,250 kilograms (approximately 2756 pounds), made possible through extensive carbon fiber usage, Lexan front and side windows, and various other components. That gives the Project24 a blink and you’ll miss it power-to-weight ratio of roughly 1.69 kg/hp (3.7 lb/hp).

With great power comes the great responsibility to keep things planted; doing so is a series of additional upgrades made in different handling arenas. Braking is aided by racing calipers, Brembo CCMR ventilated brakes and a bespoke cooling arrangement. The bespoke 18-inch aluminum wheels are to be outfitted with slick tires from the factory, all held in place by an adjustable suspension system. Aerodynamics are improved by a multi-adjustable front and rear wing, creating more downforce.

The cabin holds the driver tight with a racing seat and 6-point racing harness, and the steering column and pedal box can be adjusted for a snug fit. The multi-functional carbon fiber steering wheel has a built-in display, and a dash and data acquisition system comes standard; though, various other components, like an in-car camera for hot lap recording, are optional. FIA compliance is to be met through a special fuel tank, fire extinguisher, and roll cage.

If it wasn’t obvious, the Project24 isn’t meant for street use. This is a track weapon being designed for days of high performance hijinks. In fact, purchase of the Project24 will grant track-specific experiences and special support. But hey, it does come with an air conditioning unit, something we’ve seen many track-only rides ditch in the pursuit of lap records.

We’re not sure when the MC20 Project24 is due to arrive, and all the aforementioned specs are subject to change over the course of its development, but so far it’s sounding like a real athlete.