Italian luxury car maker Maserati is following up on previously established plans to go all-electric, introducing the Maserati Folgore all-electric range of vehicles

The Folgore EV line was first announced in 2020, and is now ready for a full market launch. This particular lineup of vehicles will be 100 percent electric, set to launch with the 2023 Maserati Folgore Gran Turismo. 

Pre-production Maserati MC20

The new Gran Turismo will be the first vehicle in the automaker’s history to be 100 percent electric, featuring new performance tech derived from Formula E and a level of luxury akin to the Maserati brand. The following year will see the all-new Grecale SUV, also available in an EV variant. Maserati’s MC20 sports car, Quattroporte sport sedan and all-new Levante SUV will round out the Folgore offerings.

The end goal: all Maserati models to come in an EV configuration by 2025, with the full Maserati range to be all-electric by year 2030. This objective falls in line with the goal of their parent company, Stellantis. In their “Dare Forward 2030” strategy, they aim for 70 percent of new vehicle sales in Europe and 40 percent of sales in the US to be all-electric models.

All Maserati models will continue to be engineered and produced in Italy, adopting electric powertrain technology and innovations whilst striving to maintain their sports-luxury heritage.