Bentley Motors is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  To mark the occasion, they’re taking the luxurious grand touring tradition to a new level.  The Flying Spur Grand Touring Sedan is about to make its global debut.  The third generation of this luxurious cruiser gets All-Wheel Steering for the first time.  As we’ve seen in other brands, having all four wheels helping with steering enhances stability at cruising speeds and helps getting around town at lower speeds.

Another first for this new gen Flying Spur involves updating the all-wheel drive system.  For the first time, power will only go the rear wheels during normal road conditions in the tradition of a classic sport sedan.  When there’s an indication of those rear wheels slipping… the system can instantly send power to the front wheels.

Bentley’s renowned comfort still comes from their Dynamic Ride set up.  They say it’s been improved to be even more responsive when it comes to changing suspension stiffness on demand.

Right now we only have pictures.  Bentley will reveal the all-new Flying Spur Grand Touring Sedan on Tuesday, June 11.