Lotus has announced plans to partner with a Britishvolt in order to devise a powertrain for the legendary automaker’s upcoming electric sports car.

Britishvolt is the UK’s foremost investor in battery cell technology. Throughout their partnership with Lotus, it is said that Britishvolt will primarily focus on fast-charging technologies, optimized energy density and weight reduction. 

This announcement follows the automaker's previous pledge to go all-electric in the relatively near future. Matt Windle, managing director of Lotus Cars, stated that the Lotus Type 132, the brand’s all-electric SUV, is set to be unveiled sometime in the coming months. He also reconfirmed that Lotus has three more EV’s in the works.

Their partnership with Britishvolt was headlined by a rudimentary sketched silhouette of their upcoming Lotus EV sports car; presumed one of the three aforementioned EVs. The vehicle will be powered by Britishvolt cells and utilize advanced propulsion technologies in the works at Lotus.

Lotus Evija

It was noted that all future Lotus cars will draw design inspiration from their Evija hypercar. The Evija is powered by four electric motors, putting out approximately 2000 horsepower combined and with an expected range of 215 miles.

Lotus Evija

We’ll have plenty more on Lotus and their upcoming electric expansion soon on MotorWeek!