If anyone thought for a moment that the naturally-sapirated V8 powered small sport sedan was dead, they certainly, and thankfully, didn't tell the speed freak engineers at Lexus. Behold the 472 horsepower Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance four-door rocket ship revealed today. With 395 pound-feet of touque, this very fast Lexus can dash to 60 mph in an electric-car like 4.5 seconds. The only transmission is an upgraded, quick shifting 8-speed automatic. But this is not just a small sedan with a big engine. The IS 500 F Sport Performance is a total performance package that includes a standard Dynamic Handling Package with adaptive suspension and Torsen limited-slip differential, as well as upsized brakes front and rear. There are minor but significant alterations to the exterior as well included a higher hood buldge to make way for the 5.0-liter V8. Look for this new hot Lexus in showrooms this fall.