Today's update is purely about entertainment:

First, the Caped Crusader gets the LEGO treatment. Chevrolet teamed up with Detroit’s Cody Rouge community, A World in Motion and FIRST LEGO® League, to create a 17-ft Batmobile made entirely of, yes, LEGOs. Some impressive stats:

It’s 83 inches (6.92 feet) high, 204 inches (17 feet) long and 111 inches (9.25 feet) wide.

Total weight is 1,695.5 pounds. Each tire is just over 100 pounds.

The interior frame is made from more than 86 feet of square tube aluminum and weighs 282.5 pounds.

Total number of LEGO® bricks used to build the Batmobile: 344,187

Total number of LEGO® colors used: 17

The LEGO® Batmobile took 222 hours to design and 1,833 hours to build.

Check out this timelapse of the build: 

Elsewhere, Dodge is teasing the return on the "Demon" name with a series of short videos, all leading up to the 2018 Dodge Demon's reveal at the New York International Auto Show in April. The Demon will be a lightweight, performance-oriented version of the Hellcat, and they're saying it's almost 200-lbs lighter. Here's the latest video:

And Land Rover's Range Rover Sport SVR is flexing its own muscle, and showing (off) its off-road prowess with a series of 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprints on asphalt, grass, gravel, snow, mud, and sand. Not much to do with the information or times, but it's entertaining nonetheless! Check it out below: