Lamborghini is set to unveil its first hybrid vehicle at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The Sián, meaning flash or lighning bolt in Bolognese dialect, will also be the most powerful Lamborghini to date, boasting a combined 819 horsepower from its V12 gas engine and 48-volt e-motor. The e-motor provides just 34 additional horsepower, but is incorporated into the gearbox for immediate power response and uninterrupted acceleration pull, filling the torque voids between shifts with seamless electric energy. This is the first time in any low-voltage hybrid that a direct connection has been made between electric motor and wheels. The e-motor also supports low-speed maneuvers such as reversing and parking with electric power. The energy accumulation technology is a world first. Rather than a lithium-ion battery the Sián innovates supercapacitor application: a technology pioneered originally in the Lamborghini Aventador but dramatically developed to store ten times the power. It is three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight and three times lighter than a battery producing the same power. We'll have more details on the Sián after its official coming-out party next week.