Kia has unveiled the latest iteration of their Niro SUV crossover, focusing on the brand’s progress towards greater sustainability efforts.

The new Niro has been designed from the ground up, based on a third generation platform which allows for a larger body and, in turn, more space in the interior, made from eco-friendly, recycled materials. The Kia Niro will feature three electrified powertrains at launch; a hybrid electric (HEV), plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric (BEV). Both the PHEV and BEV options will be revealed closer to launch.

The HEV model will be powered by a Smartstream 1.6-liter GDI engine capable of approximately 103 horsepower; it is combined with a 32 kW electric motor bringing the combined opower up to 139 horsepower. It is mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the Niro’s 12V battery has been integrated alongside the high-voltage battery at the bottom of the rear seats.

The Niro HEV will feature Kia’s “Green Zone Drive Mode,” which automatically selects electric propulsion in certain situations and, combined with navigation data, certain areas, such as residential and school zones. A smart regenerative braking system will also come standard, which can calculate the amount of regeneration required to maximize battery recuperation.

The new design focuses on aerodynamic edges and sleek surfaces, inspired by Kia’s “Opposites United” design philosophy. It also borrows design elements from Kia’s 2019 “HabaNiro” concept car, as seen in the two-tone body and wide C-pillars. The front incorporates Kia's signature “Tiger Face.”

Some of the most notable features of the new interior are the off-center dashboard, which curves around front occupants, and a 10.25-inch panoramic display that integrates both infotainment and instrument displays. A 10-inch heads-up display (HUD) will relay valuable information, including speed, safety, driving assistance and navigation info to the driver. Built-in front and rear cameras will allow occupants to save videos directly to their smartphone via the Kia Connect App.

As expected, the next-gen Niro will also include a comprehensive suite of safety features. These includes the DriveWise intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which helps avoid road hazards, as well as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Junction Turning and Junction Crossing functions (designed to warn drivers of potential and unseen hazards during turns/intersections), Intelligent SPeed Limit Assist, Safe Exist Assist, and more.

The next-gen Niro is due for retail later this year and we’ll have all the latest news right here on MotorWeek!