Kia has given consumers a sneak preview of their EV9 concept, an all-electric EV set to make it’s world debut at AutoMobility LA on November 17th.

The teaser images hint at a bold, ultramodern design; sharp body lines with matching lights front and rear. The rendering shows the body resting on a unique set of wheels, equally angular in design.

The interior is even more mysterious, picturing a large center display and less-than-circular, almost rectangular steering wheel. The word “hello” can be seen in the corner of the display, hinting at possible connectivity features. An overtop view shows an angular center console to match the futuristic design.

The EV9 follow’s Kia’s EV6, their all-new electric crossover. While the EV9 is a stylistic departure from the EV6, it is suspected that many of the EV6’s features, such as the electric powertrain and advanced driver assists, could make a return in this progressive package.