We’re no strangers to the idea that nostalgia sells cars; however, we’re more accustomed to seeing brands capitalize off of the love their fans have for previous makes and models, not their love of movies. Jeep is flipping the script with a limited edition Jurassic Park Package, paying homage to the Wranglers used in the titular 90’s blockbuster.

Available on the 2024 Wrangler, Wrangler 4xe and Gladiator, the Jurassic Park Package applies a set of decals that directly call back to the 1993 film, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The original stars were ‘92 Wrangler YJs, done up in a specific park-themed livery. While these new packages aren’t a 1:1 recreation, they certainly get the point across and don’t look half bad doing so.

Jeep Will Make Your Wrangler a Jurassic Park Tribute for Less than a Grand 1

Specifically, there are two packages available; though they share many of the same appliques. This means the two door logos, the numbered hood graphic joined by two side hood graphics. There’s a numbered fender vent graphic and a numbered shifter insert featuring a T. rex. In back, Wrangler customers will find a numbered swing gate handle graphic. Package 2 is much the same, now with a textured “Grassy Island” transfer case shifter insert.

Each of the 100 packages is to be uniquely numbered. Orders open soon, so prospective buyers may want to have their hand hovering over the mouse now if they want a low number (or any number at all).