For some time now, Jeep designers have been incorporating subtle brand icons into various parts of their vehicles, as visual "Easter Eggs" for owners and fans to seek out.  From hidden Jeep grilles to the three digits “419” or a 1941 Jeep Willys driving up a mountain, Jeep owners, fans and followers around the world are discovering the “Easter eggs” hidden on their vehicles, then posting their finds on social media.  “Jeep ‘Easter eggs’ started with the 2011 Grand Cherokee,” said Mark Allen, Head of Jeep Design. “We added small Jeep grilles inside the headlamp bulb shields. It was an off-the-cuff addition of a graphic to an otherwise standard piece. After that, we started sprinkling small graphics on various vehicles. “When we did the refresh on the Wrangler, we added a small side profile of a Jeep climbing up from the corner of the windshield, which became a point of delight for the customer,” said Allen. “These small elements are a surprise and delight for our customers and help convey the human touch behind our products, which is appreciated.”  Now the company is giving owners, fans and followers the chance to create the next hidden gem to be included on a future Jeep vehicle. The person with the selected idea, as judged by Jeep brand designers and executives, will win a brand-new Jeep vehicle of their choice. The contest begins now and ends on Thursday, July 2. The winner will be announced on Friday, July 31.  Ideas can be submitted at