With an increasingly confusing array of technologies being added to new cars, pollster and industry observer J.D. Power has issued it’s 2020 U.S. Tech Experience Study (TXI) that highlights which brands are doing the best job with tech. Power acknowledges that some innovations are hits, and other misses, often because consumers don’t appreciate their value or just don’t find them convenient to operate. Power says the race to develop ‘must have’ vehicle tech will likely never end. A big winner are cameras. Consumers love the idea of having an extra set of eyes or two or three when it comes to driving safety. On the other hand, gesture hand control ranks the lowest in customer satisfaction to date. The study also confirms again that consumers are not yet trusting of more automation with the goal of total autonomous driving. Among luxury brands Volvo ranks highest in overall innovation, followed by BMW and Cadillac. For mass market brands, Hyundai comes in first, followed by Subaru and Kia. Details of the study are available at their website.