Automotive OEM Indigo Technologies introduced two new vehicle designs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

These SUV/van designs, the Indigo FLOW and FLOW PLUS, are aimed at ridesharing and delivery service applications. Each incorporates Indigo’s robotic wheel technology, which allows for a smoother ride. Indigo claims that the FLOW line of vehicles is also more spacious and operates at a lower cost than other vehicles in class.

Not much is known regarding the performance of these designs, aside from the robotic wheel technology and recently published range figures. Currently, Indigo claims both the FLOW and FLOW PLUS will provide more than 250 miles of range with a 40kWh battery.

Indigo’s robotic “IndiWheel” is designed to incorporate powertrain and suspension components into one system. Each wheel features an electric motor with regenerative braking and suspension. It is claimed to offer a more efficient wheel, featuring lighter, more aerodynamic designs, smaller and cheaper battery packs, and enhanced comfort on the road. More information about the IndiWheel can be found on the company’s official site.

The motivation for the FLOW line is the recent growth of on-demand delivery and rideshare services, such as Amazon delivery and Uber. These vehicles will be able to offer a more efficient, affordable and environmentally stable option for fleets and consumers alike.

Indigo Technology was founded in 2010 by MIT professor Ian Hunter; now employing former leaders from companies such as Audi and Porsche. Since then, the company has reengineered vehicle subsystems, resulting in various automotive innovations.