Only one pickup truck tested is shining a little brighter in the new survey. 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released its latest headlight ratings.  The Honda Ridgeline, in RTL-E and Black Edition trims, was the only truck to earn good ratings. The GMC Sierra earned acceptable, and all others tested rated marginal or poor.

The IIHS looked at 11 trucks with 23 illumination combinations.  They looked at a variety of scenarios, including how far light was projected with low and high beams while traveling straight and around curves.  The engineers also measured glare from the headlights.  This is the third time the IIHS has evaluated headlights this year, and the third time major problems have been exposed in vehicle healdight performance.  Previously they looked at midsize cars and small SUVs. 

Here’s the link to see the full list of results: