Hyundai has fully unveiled their upcoming IONIQ 6 electric sedan.

The IONIQ 6 follows a four-door design with a Streamliner aesthetic. Not only does this provide a unique appearance, but also increases aerodynamic efficiency, further tackling range anxiety.

It is to be built on Hyundai’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), same as the IONIQ 5 electric SUV. Like its sub-brand predecessor, the IONIQ 6 will be offered with a long-range 77.4 kWh battery or a 53 kWh standard range battery, each configurable with either a rear-wheel or all-wheel drive system. If you want to max out potential range, the 77.4 kWh battery with a RWD setup may be the configuration of choice, as it's WLTP-estimated to provide 610 kilometers (approximately 379 miles) on a full charge. When it’s time to plug in, the IONIQ 6 will utilize a standard 800-volt architecture and, with a proper 350 kW DC fast charger, complete a 10-to-80 percent charge in 18 minutes.

While the IONIQ 6 is served up in a relatively unique package, it shares many of the same driver-centric features and overarching design philosophies as the IONIQ 5. The self-described “cocoon-like personal space” was crafted in tandem with the body, and maximizes space and usability. The bridge-styled center console, for example, provides a little extra front row storage, and the front seats are said to be 30 percent thinner than conventional seats, giving passengers a little more room.

Technology is, as expected, a huge part of the IONIQ 6’s cabin. Front and center is a 12-inch digital gauge cluster, integrated into one unit with an equally-sized infotainment screen. This double-display setup gives drivers access to a bunch of nifty features, like the “EV Performance Tune-up” system, allowing drivers to adjust variables such as steering input, motor power and accelerator sensitivity to suit their needs. Another interesting touch to the interior is the Speed Sync Lighting mode, which changes the ambient lighting brightness as you speed up or slow down.

As of now, Hyundai intends on beginning production in the third quarter of 2022; the US market should expect to see a Q1 launch. There’s so much more to say about the IONIQ 6 and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel. Stay tuned!