Hyundai is giving us an early look a new vehicle, and their eco-fuel plans.  The company revealed a new hydrogen-powered SUV at an event in Seoul.  It uses the company’s fourth generation hydrogen fuel cell technology.  They say the SUV will have 160 horsepower and a 497 mile range.  The name will be announced when it’s officially revealed early next year.  Hyundai also says they plan to launch an EV version of the Kona compact SUV next year, and a Genesis EV model in 2021.

Another Chinese car company is signaling no intentions to buy Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.  A spokesperson for Dongfeng Motor Group told Reuters, “we currently have no plans”, when asked about acquiring all or part pf FCA.  Earlier this week MotorWeek told you about an Automotive News report of at least one offer for FCA by representatives of a Chinese automaker.  Yesterday Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. told Reuters, "we don't have such a plan at the moment". 

The federal government is the target of a lawsuit over rear seat belts. is reporting two consumer groups Kids and Cars, Inc. and the Center for Auto Safety filed the lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Transportation.  They say it focuses on the lack of warnings reminding passengers in the back to buckle-up.  Earlier this month, MotorWeek told you about an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study that found 4 out of 5 people surveyed do not use the rear seat belt for short trips or traveling by taxi or ride-hailing service.