A new global initiative has been launched to promote fueling cars with hydrogen. The so-called Hydrogen Council believes hydrogen can help reach the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement to combat climate change. The 13 members of the Hydrogen Council come from the energy, transport and industry sectors. They include BMW Group, Daimler, Honda, and Toyota.

Want to shop for a car with your smartphone? There’s an(other) app for that. AutoGravity has announced car buyers can receive financing offers using their platform. It allows customers to use their smart phones to select the vehicle, choose a dealer, search for financing, and receive financing offers before they even go to the dealership. The new service is available in 46 states.

Tesla is adding more products to the assembly line at its Gigafactory in Nevada. Automotive News is reporting Tesla will make the electric motors and gearboxes that will go into the Model 3. The announcement came during Gov. Brian Sandoval’s State of the State address. He says that will create another 550 jobs and cost the company an extra $350 million.

Add Mitsubishi to the list of car companies bringing something new to the Geneva International Motor Show. The Japanese company plans to debut its new compact SUV. The sporty design includes a more steeply raked rear window, long wheelbase, and short rear overhangs. Press days for the 87th Geneva International Motor Show begin March 7. For now, this picture is all the company will let us see.