Honda’s all-new Prologue electric SUV has been unveiled in sketch-form, serving as an opening act for future Honda EVs.

The Prologue is said to be an  “adventure-ready” EV, capable of both daily drives and weekend getaways. It will serve as the first entry into Honda’s series of EVs, currently scheduled for a full launch sometime in 2024 and being co-developed with GM.

Not much else has been shared regarding the upcoming model; it was designed through a collaboration between the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles and the Honda Design Team in Japan. The Prologue is said to be focused on aerodynamics, featuring simple surfaces and fewer lines; it has been described as incorporating a long wheelbase with short overhangs.

The Prologue will, in many ways, serve its titular role by introducing consumers to Honda EVs. The automaker’s current roadmap suggests the production and sale of new models based on the Honda e:Architecture will begin in 2026, with additional sales and a new series of affordable EVs to begin in 2027. This new series will be based upon a new architecture co-developed with GM.

As of now, Honda intends on selling nearly 500,00 EVs in North America by the close of the decade.