Honda to Move Accord Production; Still US-Based 1The all-new 2023 Honda Accord comes off of the assembly line at the Marysville Auto Plant.

In our recent First Drive of the all-new 11th-gen Honda Accord, we praised the automaker for celebrating 40 years of production of their venerable midsize sedan at the Marysville Auto Plant (MAP); however, it seems that is subject to change, as Honda intends to retool the MAP for new purposes.

The retooling, beginning preparations as early as January 2024, would see Marysville consolidate two assembly lines in order to ramp up electric vehicle (EV) production and EV components. Fortunately, Accord production will remain US-based, shifting over to the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) in 2025.

This changing of the guard, so to speak, was announced as part of Honda’s plan to turn Ohio into an EV Hub, transforming the MAP, East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) and Anna Engine Plant (AEP) into bases for EV-related production. All of this is part of Honda’s previously announced endeavor to invest $700 million to retool existing plants.

Each facility will play a critical role in Honda’s electrified future, but we’re glad Honda is keeping Accord production here stateside. Aside from the obvious reasons, this relatively short move will help maintain the production volume of this crucial model.