Honda is offering a glimpse into the future.  The Japanese automaker plans to show what they call “a concept automated EV commuter vehicle” at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.  They call the concept NeuV, and say it will include artificial intelligence for a new urban mobility experience.  The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas in January.

New research could make electric vehicles more appealing.  Automotive News is reporting researchers at the University of Surrey in England are working on improving supercapacitors.  A supercapacitor basically stores and discharges energy.  Automotive News says the research “could boost the energy density of supercapacitors by anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 times.”  The benefit to drivers is faster recharging.

The clock is ticking for an automotive group trying to put the brakes on fuel economy standards.  Automotive News is reporting the The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers wants congress to stop the Obama administration from finalizing EPA fuel economy rules before President-Elect Trump begins his term.  Last week we told you the EPA is proposing to keep greenhouse gas emissions standards in place through 2025, while considering changes to the standards during the final 3 years.  Automotive News says the car companies oppose that “saying they impose significant costs and are out of step with consumer preferences.”