April 1st is always a great day for fake news, and this year, Honda and Toyota struck our funny bone with tongue-in-cheek press releases for the 2020 Yaris Adventure and the 2019 Honda Passport “Pastport” trim package. The faux Yaris Adventure is billed as “perfect for taking a curb in a mall parking lot or clearing the shrubs when parking in a friend’s front yard,” and combines a “slightly rugged, domesticated look backed up by interesting-to-drive persona” and comes feature-packed with a 2-speaker multimedia system. Honda’s fake take on the retro craze is a nineties-inspired trim package for the 2019 Passport, featuring "state-of-the-art" automatic windows, digital clock, cassette-to-CD converter and air conditioning. Honda’s press release also promises a standard-definition TV commercial and encourages customer engagement, in true nineties fashion, by leaving a message on the Company's “microcassette answering machine”.