In many states, when teens reach the age of being able to apply for a driver’s license, the requirements can be painfully inadequate beyond a willing parent and a credit card. With so many schools dropping traditional driver’s education due to budget costs, and the expensive nature of many private driving schools, more and more teens are hitting the roads with limited instruction and knowledge. That is why Hagerty, known for its classic car insurance programs and tireless promotion of the car collector hobby, has taken it on themselves to do something about teaching teens how to driver properly. Once again for 2020, Hagerty is asking teenagers to submit a short video or essay about why they are excited to drive. Entering makes them eligible to receive a financial boost of $500 from Hagerty to help cover the cost of driver’s training. The program is called “License to the Future” and it follows a successful start in 2019 where the firm supported 65 aspiring drivers. McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty, notes: “The responses generated for ‘License to the Future’ demonstrate that young people are, in fact, excited to get behind the wheel. It’s vital that we foster this enthusiasm early on in order to preserve the joy of driving for future generations.”  Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 18 and plan to take their driver’s training within the next year. For complete details go to and click on “License to the Future” on the top banner.