Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company revealed two new concept tires at the recent Geneva International Motor Show that could literally reshape the future for autonomous cars.

The concepts are the spherical-shaped Eagle-360 and the IntelliGrip. The Eagle-360 was designed with key features of maneuverability, connectivity and biomimicry for autonomous mobility.  While the IntelliGrip is a solution for the earlier adoption of self-driving vehicles, which features advanced sensor and tread wear technology.

Both tires are designed with safety in mind, which according to recent studies, is a key concern among consumers around autonomous vehicles. They reflect Goodyear’s focus on anticipating the rapidly evolving needs of its customers.

“By steadily reducing the driver interaction and intervention in self-driving vehicles, tires will play an even more important role as the primary link to the road,” said Joseph Zekoski, Goodyear’s senior vice president and chief technical officer. “Goodyear’s concept tires play a dual role in that future both as creative platforms to push the boundaries of conventional thinking and testbeds for next-generation technologies.”

Although these tires are future concepts, Zekoski says they represent an essential aspect of Goodyear’s innovation strategy and its vision for smart and safe mobility.

There is no word when these concepts will go into production as of yet. Stay tuned to MotorWeek for updates.