GMC and EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles are working together to create a new upfit solution for the Hummer EV Pickup.

GMC is said to be working in conjunction with EarthCruiser Innovations (ECI) throughout the design and development process. Both brands are uniting to create a “next-generation upfit solution for electric vehicles that will be integrated onto the Hummer EV Pickup.”

Exactly what that entails is yet to be seen, but the simple equation of taking such a standout off-road vehicle and adding onto it with help from a renowned overlanding group– well, it certainly has us intrigued. According to official press materials, both brands share a vision of an electric future, inspiring customers to get out and see the world with a zero-tailpipe-emission solution.

“GMC has long been a leader in professional-grade trucks with 100-plus years of uncompromising pickup capability, luxury and driver control,” said Josh Tavel, GM executive chief engineer, Battery Electric Trucks. “We had an instant connection with EarthCruiser — a leader in the overland community — and their similar vision to accelerate the zero-tailpipe-emissions future. EarthCruiser products have proven their performance in environments around the world and we’re excited to join them on this next chapter of adventure and exploration.”

At this point, we imagine just about everyone– enthusiast or not– has heard of the Hummer’s all-electric return. And if its aesthetics don’t quite give it away, we can tell you firsthand that this EV pickup is more than capable of tackling the trails in its factory form. The same can be said for the Hummer EV SUV, coming to retailers soon as a 2024 model.

As for EarthCruisers, they’re a speciality vehicle maker and off-road upfitter first founded in Australia back in 2008. They made their way to the United States in 2013, offering a variety of overlanding solutions for adventurers ever since. We’ve spent time with EarthCruiser and some of their products; our own Stephanie Hart went on an Oregon wilderness exploration with the brand, getting a taste of what they’re capable of.

The GMC Hummer EV overlander concept will debut sometime in late summer 2023. We can’t wait to see what these two have to offer, and we’ll be sure to cover it here on MotorWeek.