Hyundai’s Genesis luxury brand has unveiled the third generation of their signature mid-size sedan, the 2021 G80. In the roughly dozen years since the first Genesis model arrived, the transformation from an upscale Hyundai to a pure luxury salon without compromise has been dynamic and by auto industry standards rapid. The sweeping A7-like profile with original details of this latest G80 stands in stark contrast to the somewhat generically bland original. The new car is both a dramatic and beautiful looking sedan from every angle. The use of what Genesis calls double-line Quadlamps graphic to circumvent all sides of the car is by far the most eye appealing detail, although the overall form of the car is among the most handsome on the road. It is clear that extensive use of this design language is destine for other Genesis models, including their full lineup of SUVs. The new GV80 SUV that goes on sale this summer already uses the Quadlamp detail but to a far lesser degree than the G80. Riding on an all-new chassis, that is indeed shared in part with the GV80 utility, the G80 sedan is expected to offer both turbocharged I4 and V6 powertrains in rear and all-wheel drive. Inside, the attention is on luxury surroundings, occupant comfort, and cutting edge technology. Again, with some details shared with the GV80, atop the dash is a huge 14.5-inch touch display. U.S. sales for the G80 should start by late summer or early fall.