Jaguar’s vision of the future may not be too far into the distance.  The company is about to unveil what they call an “intelligent and connected steering wheel”.  They say the voice-activated artificial intelligence steering wheel would be able to carry out a variety of tasks, including calling an autonomous car when you need it and planning the trip.  The system is called Sayer, named after prominent Jaguar designer Malcolm Sayer.  Jaguar will share their plans with the public during Tech Fest in London later this week.

Mercedes-Benz is also thinking fast forward.  We’re getting an early looking at their autonomous concept car smart vision EQ fortwo.  It’s part of a ride sharing strategy.  The idea is for the electric self-driving car to pick you up where you choose.  The company says it’s the first vehicle from the Daimler Group without a steering wheel and pedals.  It’s one of the many new vehicles MotorWeek will be seeing on the floor of the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show next week.

Volvo’s small utility the XC40 will share its DNA with its larger siblings.  The new XC40 is Volvo’s first vehicle to use the new Compact Modular Architecture.  Don’t be fooled by the smaller size.  It will include technology from the 60 & 90 series, like Volvo’s semi-autonomous Pilot Assist system and Cross Traffic alert with auto brake.  The Volvo XC40 will launch in the fall.