It’s been 30-years since INFINITI brought their brand of luxury to the market.  Like other automakers, they’re focused on the future.  INFINITI will be launching 5 vehicles in three years beginning with the QX55 next year.  It's a coupish version of the QX50 midsize luxury crossover.  For those of you keeping track, the QX55 is not the first INFINITI SUV with a coupe silhouette. The FX, launched in 2003 with a sporty design and SUV practicality.

The future of INFINITI also includes tapping into the power of electricity.  Their electrification strategy is one platform with two power train options. One of those options is a pure EV with two electric motors... one on each axle.  The second involves a gas engine powering a generator... which powers two electric motors... one on each axle.  The gas engine does not directly power the wheels… only the generator. The idea is to have an EV driving experience without charging anxiety.  Just fill up at a regular gas station.  INFINITI’s electrified vehicle portfolio will be based on their Q, QS and QX inspiration concept vehicles.