Just when you were afraid that the Ford Mustang was going all-electric only, while also buying into the SUV craze, comes a welcomed sign of relief. The V8 packing, nearly track ready, 480-horsepower Mach 1. While the Mach 1 is once again a limited edition, it shows that Ford has not forgotten its legends of Mustang faithful. Although this is the first Mach 1 is almost two decades, and lacks some of its predecessors trademarks like a shaker hood, this car means business and uses a variety of Shelby parts to prove it. The 5.0-liter V8 is naturally retuned, but includes an intake manifold and oil cooler from the Shelby GT350 among other components. The 6-speed manual also comes from the GT350, but a reworked 10-speed automatic from the Mustang GT is available as well. Rated at 480-hp and 420 lb.ft., in some ways it takes the place of the also limited edition Mustang Bullitt which is gone from the lineup for 2021. Expect the Mach 1 to be priced well under the GT350 when it roars into dealer showrooms next year.