We now know just how fast a Ford can go. The company says the 2017 Ford GT reached a maximum speed of 216 mph.  They say that’s the fastest Ford production vehicle they’ve ever put on the track.  The super car comes with a super engine: a 647 horsepower 3.5-liter V6.  Ford says it produces the most horsepower of any EcoBoost production engine.

EV drivers will have more places to plug in.  BMW and Nissan are teaming up once again to build more DC Fast charging stations across the country.  They’re working with charging network EVgo, which has 668 dual-port DC Fast charging stations in the U.S.  The partnership plans to add 50 more charging stations this year.

Ford is moving forward with EV driving for businesses.  The American automaker is working with London, England to see how plug-in hybrid vans work on city trips running only on electric power.  It’s estimated commercial vehicles in London travel 8 million miles a day.  A Transit Custom plug-in hybrid is planned for commercial production in 2019.