It won't start getting to work until the 2023 model year, but Ford continues to drop hints about the capabilities of the upcoming F-150 EV pickup. Ford wants the new all-electric F-150 to be a fully capable work and play truck, not just some EV trinket for the rich and famous. Ford CEO Jim Farley said at a ceremony celebrating the construction of the new vehicle's Dearborn, Michigan assembly plant that it would be a workhorse not a show horse according to Automotive News. Ford wants to position the new truck as a true hauler, appealing to both consumers and businesses that want greener alternatives. While Ford knows the cost of the new EV will be higher than a traditional gas or diesel full-size pickup, they plan to market it by stressing the lower operating costs over the life of ownership. While that may work with consumers who keep their trucks a long time, it is unknown if the argument will work with firms that turn over vehicles in only a few years. The electric F-150 will face plenty of rivals, not only from traditional brands at General Motors, but upstarts including Tesla and Rivian, which is also a Ford partner. While few specifics on payload and towing have yet been released, it is known that the F-150 EV will have a huge front trunk, and be powered by two electric motors that are expected to rate 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque when it debuts in less than two years from now.